Does anyone remember KIN?  It was a windows phone.  Yes a complete abismal failure.  Died in flames and yet nobody can remember this phone.  The new Windows 7 phone is going to be just as bad.  First the interface.  Its downright ugly.  Watch the video and check it out for yourself.  Its covered in these boxy things.  One thing that windows will never understand about devices and that is esthetics.  People either buy a phone for its use ( I love the ones that say “I wanna phone to be just a phone”. If thats the case buy a cheap throw away yah loosers.) or they buy a phone for its complexity.  There are few and far between those that are middle of the road.

Second, I am sorry but this phone looks just DUMB.  Its like they made it for a retard with giant fingers and one eye!!  This phone right away just isnt pleasing to the eye.  Its cluttered.  The apps themselves just dont even look like they flow correctly.  Its like someone took a windows desktop and shoved it on a 4″ screen.  BLEAH!!  My prediction.  Watch the windows phone bomb by summer of next year.

I love what has been said about the video game market when SEGA crashed and burned.  In this market there is a first and second.  There is no third.  I lay that case here.  You have Apple and Android competing for those two places.  Windows, like your friggin ZUNI nobody buys, is dead third or hell even fourth or later for all the blackberry people out there.  Hell I’d tell people just looking for that “I wanna phone that works well as a phone” to buy a Berry and be quiet.

For me, I am holding out for the Dell Streak.  I think its going to fit the market for geeks like me that want a  mini-tab running and open OS that will just barely work as a phone.  Since if you call me you probably know you’re going to voicemail hell anyways.  Send me a text or email me or I’m finding your on facebook.

Good Luck everyone…