I have now had my Dell Streak since Sunday October 24th.  Overall I am very happy with the product.  Like with any product it takes some getting used to on a couple of fronts.  First thing is learning the ins and outs of Android OS.  I really like the feel of the OS as a whole but the Dell Streak has only been shipped here in the US with 1.6.  Its a very open architecture and comes with all of the bells and whistles one would expect with a product like this.

Right off the bat one thing I like is the ease in which I can drop my contacts into the phone.  It mounts like a drive on either windows or Linux.  I primarily use linux.  I see my nice 16GB partition show up with everything inside.  One of the first apps I downloaded was the Android Comic book viewer.  Having had the iphone 3g for a better part of 4 years, I never liked the notion that I couldn’t just drop my files right in and view them.  Iphone has always been extremely restrictive on this no matter what app I chose.  With the Dell Streak and android OS, I was up in minutes.  The phone/tablet is absolutely perfect for viewing docs like this with its wide display.

The second thing I did was begin to dump my treasury of audiobooks into the phone.  I downloaded the Android Audiobook player and again I was surprised at how easy it was to managed my collection.

Yesterday I had a trip to a new dentist that was about a 20 minute drive.  The turn by turn directions app for android took me right to the door of the dentist.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear my phone telling me the door to the office was on my left and there it was.  First time!

Now concerning the cons.  With every device there are going to be a few.

I researched this device heavily and had heard the issues about the bad upgrade in the UK to android 2.1.  I know they are planning for the 2.2 upgrade this year so I am hoping for a smooth transition.  I would like some of the new features but lets see how this plays out.

After listening to the audiobooks, I am satisfied of the audio quality.  It did come with one of the new headphone adapters that allows me some of the features like pausing, chapter skip and I even noticed on the hold down of the button for 3 seconds it did bring up the voice activated dial feature which works nicely as well.

The size in a pro and con both.  The ease of getting it out of my pocket to get a call is not the best in the world.  I’ll bypass this by getting a bluetooth ear-piece.  I do need to shop today and get a ruberized grip.  Found a few for 15$ on the web.  On the plus, as a guy of 44 years old, I dont have the strain to read the screen so I am enjoying this a lot.

The hand holding the device takes some getting used to.  I have fairly big hands so its not so bothersome that I cant live with it.  I do use the speaker-phone pretty exclusively right now till I get that ear-piece.

Another con is the proprietary charger.  Not sure why this has to be a $20 cable much less $40 for the car/kit adapter.  Shopping on this one but it looks like Dell has a lock on this one.

I’m still tinkering with this device but on the bright side I am really happy with it. Understand I am not a chatty person on the phone a lot.  I bought it to have a device with a bigger screen and that part of it I am enjoying the convenience.  If you want a table/phone, I say get it.  But make sure you get a case for it, Bluetooth headset and some bigger hands.

Its fun!