I see this stuff and it drive me nuts.  I knew 10 years or so going into this mess with Bush and his cronies that it just wreaked.  We send in a few thousand troops expecting some big victory celebration for some specific reasons that either seem to keep changing or that nobody can really detail.  2 years after Bushes administration is done and who do we fault for the mess?  The guy that is in power now.

We spend so much time watching our politicians and listening to what they or the media tell us and not really looking to see if there is something under the covers that were missing here.  And when we vocalize any questions about it, we’re called anti-american or conspiracy nuts.  I mean really, take a look.  2-3 years ago gas was over $5 a gallon nationwide and higher worldwide.  Were we really running out of gas.  Was it really all the much harder to produce or obtain.  Again, we were duped and a whole lot of people got really rich off of it.

Time and time again we’re all lead down some same path like sheep and Its so easy.  We want to get on with our lives.  When 911 happened we were all angry yelling “Grr lets go gettem boys! Yeeahaw!  Payback time!”.  And were given some target and some reasoning behind attacking it.  We all sit there and shake our heads and say “Yup sounds good.  Lets shoot and kill something and blow some crap up!”.   It’s in the news and were watching it every day.

But then it gets old.  Our economy gets driven into the ground and the President that left it that way pretty much goes into hiding.  Again I ask that you think about it folks.  When have you seen a president pretty much fade away as fast as the last one we just had hrmm?  And yet we really just don’t care.  Its old news.  Lets all get angry at our current government and President hrmm??

Now we’re doing another gradual pull out and fade into existence on this one and do it quietly only to hope nobody notices.  We don’t want to ask questions and really we don’t care.  Lets all stay focused on sports and just watch some more Glee.  Amazing aren’t we?  We’re sitting on 9 3/4 unemployment handed to us by the abysmal failure of the Bush presidency.  Worst market crash.  Worst Housing crash.  And what do we have for it?  Oooh but wait.

Everyone is just jumping for joy now that republicans have the house seats again.  Its all good times now!!  Lets give people making $250,000 dollars a year continuing huge tax cuts and lets do it permanently ?!?!   We can’t RAISE taxes on people who make a quarter of a million a year right?  uuuuh no.  Lets get the story straight.  Its not raising taxes.  Its going back to what these people were paying BEFORE Bush handed this all to them 10 years ago.  But hey lets listen to more endless spin an drivel right?

You know we go round and round on this every year.  The government and media give us something new to focus on and its a constant battle of the rich and wealthy against the poor and middle class.  Ronnie and George have always wanted everyone to believe “pull up your bootstraps and you can become a millionaire too.”.  But thats never been the case.  When republicans are in power its always about “Don’t touch what I have and don’t create more laws to protect the poor and middle class, you’ll just hinder them.”.  Two days ago I see our Texas Governor ‘Rick Perry’ on the tube saying “Yah know we just gotta get rid of the EPA.  I mean were all good people here right.  We can handle this ole clean air thing ourselves without the EPA.  All the people in government today are just good ole folks that just have your best interest at heart.”.  I sit and listen to this and I am thinking… “Seriously??  People believe this crap?”.  And yet yes we do.  Its more of the drivel that I see soft mushy brained people just keep on sucking in and espousing back out.  Holly shit!!

Nobody watches this crap or even really cares.  If you were to pull over the average individual on the street and ask them you’d see the eyes rolling back and going white.  Don’t believe me just sit and follow Facebook for a few months and see what the important topics really are.  Studies have show all to often that several things we do as humans are constantly true.  We repeat our mistakes every 20 years.  No matter how great the tragedy or the loss we tend to want to forget about it as quickly as possible and move on.  We generally want to hand over the more important stuff to our Government and corporations and leave the small stuff to us so that we can come home and watch Glee and football and enjoy the rest of the 16 hours we’re not at work.  Just cut me a check every twice a month and I am good.

As a society I really think we are lemmings just running in one line to the end of the cliff.  Its like my neighbor said to me once when I was talking about gas when it was over $5 a gallon and he responded with “So … really?  What are you going to do about it?  And so what if you do, there isn’t anything that you do thats going to change anything?”  Its a damn shame really.

As I write this its 6 a.m. in the morning.  So please bear with me if my grammar isn’t what it should be.  I’ll proof read it some more later.  Its just that lately this whole thing has been quite depressing.  Maybe tonight I will just drink the Kool Aide and turn on some cool funny sitcom and wait for the pod next to me to open up and take over.  (not that anyone under the age of 40 will get that but hey.)  We’ll all be much happier anyhow right?