I am absolutely a supporter of wikileaks.  While the information released by them cannot seriously be construed as top secret and isn’t something most governments didnt know about, it does fly in the face of the U.S. with respect to embarrassment over things they can’t control.

To think that interpol would try to put Mr. Assange on the top most wanted because of some trumped up rape charge?  WTF?  Seriously?!?!  Most wanted and they are trying everything to make it stick to extradite him.  Already, and I am sure our government is involved here, hackers have been doing their best to attack the hosting site.  Talk about your big ass babies.

Wikileaks has found a new location at http://www.wikileaks.ch .  I still look forward to the day when our own government will grow the hell up when it comes to information like this.  When the best we have to offer for elections are people like Senator McCain and Palin, I mean common?!?!  Are we all this gullible  to just keep watching the crap we’re fed and believing it.  I have seen more embarrasing stuff come out of what is shown on “The Daily Show with John Stewart.”.  Which you will find most people don’t watch anyways because they really don’t care to see the truth about our own government. There will always be two constants.  Politicians lie and politicians are crooks.

Heck if you ask most of the public they probably have never even taken the time to read the docs in Wikileaks and just want to be spoon fed their news source from Fox News or whatever they get that they can pass on to others in their emails with a quick click and forward.  Easy activism for the group of people that won’t even take 5 seconds to verify it on snopes.com.  Which also btw are the same people that KEEP DOING IT OVER AND OVER.  Like friggin lemmings over a cliff.

The U.S. really needs to take a different tactic to this kind of information.  Its kind of like what we tell our kids.  You do something wrong, you take ownership of it.  You step up like an adult, apologize and admit your weakness and you work at doing better.  Doesn’t seem like that is what is being done here.  Damn shame if you ask me.


If you even care, take more then 5 minutes and go to the link and dig through some of the documents  Some of it is worthwhile.  Some of it is embarrasing and some of it is quite interesting.



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