How is it that 20 years ago a person working in my field really had to know his shit to get this kind of job but yet today anyone with a visa an indi/pakistani last name can get the same job. Somehow corporations seem to feel that it works for them because training and support contracts are cheap. Give them a desk and a phone and hopefully they will work for peanuts and hey you can’t complain, you’re here on a visa along with your whole family, aunts, uncles and everyone else we can afford to ship over. It brings a whole new definition to slave labor. I work in a field where you can barely understand or communicate to people IN THE U.S. that can’t perform certain actions that you require them to do to fix a problem. It drives me insane. Yet corporations are begging that the U.S. government release any visa limits so they can bring more uneducated low wage labor into the country that already has a 9%+ unemployment rate. Well yah get what you pay for.