I had a chance to work the Dallas Comic con and I decided to give it a shot.  It was a new venue this year at the convention center in Irving Texas.  Since I live only 20 minutes away, it was an excellent drive and I arrived really early both days to no have to deal with the traffic or the crowd.

Saturday was my day to work and volunteer and meet some really great people.  I was assigned to John Romita Jr. all morning and there isn’t anything I could say bad about the guy.  He’s a true professional and a down to earth family man.  Excellent all around and I know he works hard at his craft.  It was nice to watch the crowd shuffle in and our line in the morning for him to sign lithographs went pretty smooth.  Short break at 12-1.  Since I parked so close the the entrance, it was a no brainer to pack a big cooler chest (25 gal) with ice and meats, cheeses, snacks, drinks etc.  Quick hop to the truck for a good lunch and back off to work the rest of the day.   It was nice to work the meet and greet at the front door for the afternoon.  Lots of excited young kids.  After 4, the guys game a reprieve and let me go before the event wrapped up.  It died down considerably.  Really had a nice time meeting some people on the floor and picking up and scoping out a few goodies but saturday is never my day to buy stuff.

Sunday is the day I get in for the deals.  Hit all off the much shorter lines for autographs.  I can’t say enough nice awesome things about Amanda Conner of Power Girl fame.  I stood in her line 3 times for different things.  First time was to get her to sign a purchased large print of Power Girl.  (That was Saturday night).  Second time first thing Sunday morning to get my comics signed.  Ugh.. then I found a Power Girl #1 for .50c.  I couldn’t believe it!  Had to go through the line again but what was really awesome is how she worked the crowd.  She takes her time with everyone.  Tons of sketches and I can’t be happier.

Leonard Nimoy was there but not on my list since I have heard him speak before.  I heard he was great as usual along with Stan Lee and John Romita jr.

Shook hands with Stan (already have his autograph).  Met Todd Farmer.  This guy is was very cool dude.  Making tons of movies and doing some great work both acting and producing and writing.  He is just the nicest guy all around and I can’t wait to see more of his work.

Met with Mitch and Betty Breitweiser of Captain America comics and his wife really impressed me.  She saw my skin on my arms and we talked about how she has an allergic reaction to Gluten which I think is partly what flairs up my psoriasis.  I saw Mitch walking with another artist about his art work and the guy really knows his stuff in doing comics.  I think he gave some heartfelt advice.  Great couple.

The exhibit hall is HUGE.  So many good deals and just so little time.  Think I’m going to be better prepared next time.  Now I have to dig me up a sketch book to get some sketches going.  !!    I really hope this venue opens and gets tons more people.  Just can’t wait for the next one.  Fan Days I think it is?!?!

When I get a chance i’ll post some pics.