I can’t even stand turning on the radio anymore.  I turn 45 this year.  The more I live, the more I just can’t rationalize what people say or do anymore.  Most of the Republican dominated talk shows now just leave me with the thought of “seriously?  This is what you’re pushing now as an agenda?”   How do people swallow this garbage?

In this case with was an interview from a national so called conservative talk show how interviewing Dr. Henry Kissenger on the subject of foreign politics like Jerusalem and China.  Lets look at the politics of Israel for a minute.  Pressure is coming from our President Obama to push Israel into going to pre mid 1960’s territory lines and let Palistine come back in and retake land.  The assumption is that they not only retake the land but also take back homes lost.  Something was clear that I think the the talk show host totally missed.  You see most people fail to understand that the Jews have been forced out of countries over and over again since the dawn of time.  In the 1950’s the Jews were the largest makeup of the population of Baghdad and several other countries before that era going back centuries.  Now the Palestinians wish them forced out of Israel and President Obama wishes to ask them to retreat their lines again?  Where were all the times when the Jews were pushed out of their homes in WWII.  I never saw anyone giving them their homes back then either?  And what did the talk show host focus on ?? “How can you quantify our President Obama’s intelligence in handling various agendas like Israel and China?”   Really?  How about we ask how we could quantify Bushes intelligence?  What a laugh.  And yet for some reason people still take these talk show hosts serious.

I am curious but why is it when a Democratic President leaves office you see them continuing in some fashion to assist our country in foreign affairs but when a Republic leaves office they want to either Venture into the private sector to make more money or they want to retreat all together?  Reagan?  Retreated into oblivion.  George Bush I, left but kept his fingers in the CIA.  Again disappeared.  Bush number 2, he’s in hiding and came out for a book signing.  You don’t see him doing much of anything either.  Carter won the nobel peace prize.  Clinton stayed in foreign affairs and is still working to help our current administration?  Yet somehow, right wing Republican radio still seem to tout the same crap over and over of how it is all our current administrations fault that our economy has tanked when it was Bush that left us in this mess.  When Clinton left office we had a balanced budget and the best economy in the last 100 years.  Bush came in and everything tanked.  And yet we still kept voting him in.  Absolutely amazing!!

You ever want to see what happened during the Bush administration before Obama look at google and do a graph of the Dow during Bush.  Watch the bell curve crash in his last year of office and you tell me.

Here we are in our last year of Obama for 2012 election run and we still keep thinking that people like Sarah Palin are going to help us?  OMG??  And people take her seriously ??  Have you ever seen her interviews when asked about current and previous administration stance.  She hasn’t a friggin clue and yet we see this as a presidential hopeful?   Are we looking at another Bush being put into office again and having our government run by corporate interests again?  Is the republican corporate  agenda now to put a moron in office and feed off the stupidity long enough to send our economy into the dark ages?