Yes It still amazes me at the stupidity of some people…

Today shopping at my local grocery store, I am passing dairy and what do I see?  An old woman in one of those one piece flowery tutu smocks over in the egg section bent over the cartons.  What is she doing?  She has 3 crates of eggs open and she is mixing and matching into a separate crate and removing the broken eggs or whatever eggs she doesnt like.  It took all I could just to not strangle her.

First of all, who the hell in their right mind goes out in a curtain.  I mean at what point in life do you just say “Fuckit, I’m not going to bother wearing clothes.  Just sew a sheet together and cut a hole.”   This drives me nuts alone.

Second.  Do you even realize how friggin unsanitary it is to sit and do that over all the other eggs? When you open a carton of eggs and see a cracked one, do like every one else and put it aside and find another damn carton.  The grocer writes off the eggs by carton and not by the egg you moron.

Third, God bless us all if it should happen, if you eat an egg and die of E-coli and the CDC traces back the carton to the store, they wont know what carton you really got the eggs from because you decided in all of your genius to pull the eggs from 4 different other cartons you dumb F*ck!!  Thank you for deciding that you were smarter then the Center for Disease Control.  Now how many other people will get E-Coli and die because of you because you and your infinite wisdom thought to mix up the f*cking eggs?

It just scares me to go outside anymore.