Just a couple of notes for today.  Random thoughts.

  • Family is doing good.  Oldest daughters grades are up end of year.  Shouldn’t be that hard for her though but still she made it.  Lets see how new year goes.
  • Condemnation on Syria by U.S. and other countries but no actions.  What a friggin joke.  Just another media bluff.
  • Not sure about Lulzsec just yet, but I think his rope is going to get shorter and shorter.  I am following along though.  Its a trade off of both good and bad for what he is doing but I think it will be interesting to see what happens when he is caught.  Another Wiki leaks if you think about it but on a more diverse scale.  I’m watching.
  • Need to finish the bathroom floor.  Walmart was no help on the part I wanted to grind down some cement spots to wrap things up.  I know Zoe is anxious.  Home Depot is next.
  • Still off of Facebook.  Damn its like quitting cigarettes.  (not that I have ever smoked.)
  • Drove into the office today.  Job performance review time.  Really hate these.  I mean I’m ok and all that but just hate going through it.  First time in a while.  Dread drive back home at 11. a.m. suckage.  It’s some measure of exercise though no matter how I look at it, so that is good.
  • Great trip over the weekend with a friend.  Parents are very cool and play WOW.  A LOT of WOW!  I could really see slowing down even more and moving out to a much smaller town like where they live.
  • Trying to save some cash for certain things I know I need but its so00 damn hard.  Meh that is life.
  • Want to upgrade my main system and also the home router.  I really miss Openwrt. Looking at TL-WR1043ND as the next house router.  Also want to look into bluetooth mouse and then a complete motherboard pull and processor/memory upgrade.  A little less heat in the room would be nice.  All in time though.
  • Even though we haven’t hit the worst part of summer its only going to get hotter.  It won’t be long though fall will be here.  I am seeing winter constellations early in the morning before sunrise now.


Wow all of this and it’s not even 10 a.m.  That Diet Coke packs a punch to my brain to get all this out.