I can’t stress this enough.  Married men, especially with kids, should have their own room.  Whether it be a house, apartment, or trailer it doesn’t matter.  This is going to ruffle a few women feathers but as far as I’m concerned they could have the whole rest of the house  (And please dont make this about you.) .  Men need to have a place to go and shut the door.  Call it what you will, mancave, whatever.  Its a place to keep our crap, relax and enjoy and no matter what don’t say doink about it.  It has a door and if you don’t like it shut it and get out.

So often in relationships a guy needs that solitude.  I am not talking about the new puppy love marriages under 3-5 years but rather the guys who have served there time of 15 years or longer.  For some probably less.  Having been married 20+ years, its really become a buying factor in a new home as of late.

Please understand, I am not talking about a bedroom replacement but rather a place outside of the bedroom that we can just be left alone to relax and chill and do with what we will.  For me, it’s not only the place of solitude but a place that I know when I need to find something that I’ll usually have some comfort of knowing it didn’t leave my room and the place I put it.  Whether it be that shelf-pron, tools, tv remote or favorite chair.  I know when I get home, it’s there and no matter what nobody in the house better have moved it.  It greatly reduces a lot of the argument factor.  Another thing, a guy knows that when he’s in that room, he can pretty much do no wrong.  It’s a bitch free room.  You don’t like it, well you have 90% of the rest of the house to do with whatever you will.  And guys, it doesn’t matter if she paints the rest of the house interior pink and purple or pins the furniture to the ceiling, you can’t say sqwat if you have your own room.  Pure and simple I think a key to a long lasting marriage, outside of everything anyone has put into books about relationships, is if you give the guy his own room and don’t follow him in, you’ll have fewer problems if almost no problems at all.