1. People who walk down the middle of the road pushing a buggy looking for their car.

2. Waiting in line only for the person at the end of the line to tell you “I’m sorry you are in the wrong line.  You’ll have to go the back of that line over there.”  Its called a friggin sign people.  Use them!

3. people talking on cell phones while expecting service or waiting to be served.

4. people who drive in the left lane without the intent to pass.

5. Rude people who think there poop don’t stink.

6. people who strive to rip you off.  Personal business people as well as large corporations do this a lot.  My experience of that this year was with roofing companies in particular but this last couple of years has been enormously so with large corporations ripping off people and running away with billions.

7. The thought process of “because I can, I will”.  Again comes back to the nature of being a whore of a person in general.  Following again on number 6.  It’s like I tell my kids “Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.”  Its not illegal, it may be immoral but hey whose morals and what if I don’t have any?  I really think it boils down to a definition of decency which I think a lot of people are missing.

8. People who say things just to get a reaction or a rise out of something.  It’s tantamount to yelling fire in a crowd.  More prevalent in the media then anyplace else.  Yes I am talking to you FOX news.

9. Doctors who pimp drugs.  Not just perscribing but I mean really should be called drug pushers.  That and the medical practitioners playing doctors as well.  Its a bad business to be in.

10. Teachers who no longer teach but are there to push a bigger curriculum of a school division.  I think the art of teaching is lost.  I have experienced this one over the last few years with both my girls being in the public school system.  Its sad.  We don’t grow leaders or engage minds but are breeding mediocrity.  I like to paraphrase a famous quote “We do things not because they are easy but because they are hard!”

That are just a few off of the top of my head.  I know I have had others but these come to mind first.  I’m sure Ill be back before the year ends.