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1. People who walk down the middle of the road pushing a buggy looking for their car.

2. Waiting in line only for the person at the end of the line to tell you “I’m sorry you are in the wrong line.  You’ll have to go the back of that line over there.”  Its called a friggin sign people.  Use them!

3. people talking on cell phones while expecting service or waiting to be served.

4. people who drive in the left lane without the intent to pass.

5. Rude people who think there poop don’t stink.

6. people who strive to rip you off.  Personal business people as well as large corporations do this a lot.  My experience of that this year was with roofing companies in particular but this last couple of years has been enormously so with large corporations ripping off people and running away with billions.

7. The thought process of “because I can, I will”.  Again comes back to the nature of being a whore of a person in general.  Following again on number 6.  It’s like I tell my kids “Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.”  Its not illegal, it may be immoral but hey whose morals and what if I don’t have any?  I really think it boils down to a definition of decency which I think a lot of people are missing.

8. People who say things just to get a reaction or a rise out of something.  It’s tantamount to yelling fire in a crowd.  More prevalent in the media then anyplace else.  Yes I am talking to you FOX news.

9. Doctors who pimp drugs.  Not just perscribing but I mean really should be called drug pushers.  That and the medical practitioners playing doctors as well.  Its a bad business to be in.

10. Teachers who no longer teach but are there to push a bigger curriculum of a school division.  I think the art of teaching is lost.  I have experienced this one over the last few years with both my girls being in the public school system.  Its sad.  We don’t grow leaders or engage minds but are breeding mediocrity.  I like to paraphrase a famous quote “We do things not because they are easy but because they are hard!”

That are just a few off of the top of my head.  I know I have had others but these come to mind first.  I’m sure Ill be back before the year ends.



I really hate commercials that spend time trying to play upon the fears of others.  Over the last few weeks I have seen a couple of new products being commercialized heavily and I find it disturbing.   First its what I am calling the “Bully backpack”.  It’s an ad on TV showing kids wearing this backpack at school and if a bully picks on you then you pull the tab and it sends of a loud alarm much like what you hear from a car alarm and teachers come running to the child’s aid with a look of worry and concern.  (You have to see the commercial.  It’s absurd.)

Somehow I think people that buy these for their kids are really desperate or have never been bullied to know this won’t work.  I detest the notion that the commercial preys on the fears of parents trying to defend their kids from bullies.  How long before they kids in schools start recognizing the backpacks and run by and rip the strip to signal the alarm only to have teachers and annoyed and the student further ridiculed.  I am sorry but this isnt a solution.  The REAL solution is the “0 tolerance” technique which while schools say they enforce they rarely do.  Schools are so often afraid to confront the child’s parents for fear of retribution and law suits.  This is where it has to start.  Schools need to single the child out and have them removed from the school.  This sends a message to other students as well as the parents of bullies.   I have seen schools do more to kids who bring a butter knife to school then tactics applied to bullies.


Many districts in the nation have gone the direction of building new high schools with no lockers.  They have also supplied the students with notebook computers instead of books.  This is another tactic that schools feel is a win in reducing the schools “liability” in having students store things in individual lockers.  They can’t control what students are doing with lockers so they removed them all together under the auspices of  “They aren’t needed if there are no books.”.  Its sad that it has come to this.    Now schools are taking it one step further to ban school backpacks all together.  I saw one teacher quoted as saying “some students find the need to carry rotten eggs and other items that are disruptive to class.”.   It really is simple.   If the child is disruptive, TAKE THEM OUT!  You do it with one or two and the rest will line up quickly.  Zero tolerance is just that.  ZERO TOLERANCE!



Decided to update my nook color to the latest Cyanogen. Working perfectly. Also recently did the same for a friend and he is loving it too. I did notice I had a hard time with the latest google apps. Rolled cyanogen install back 1 rev and was able to install it and then re-upgrade and google apps worked fine after that.

One thing I am wondering is if anyone has take the apps from a rooted Nook Color and tried transfering them back in. The nook color app from android doesnt read locally installed epub files for some reason.

As a side note. I am making Zucchini lasagna for anyone that is interested. Very low carb. Got it going in the croc pot right now. Smells great.

Well more later….

I can’t stress this enough.  Married men, especially with kids, should have their own room.  Whether it be a house, apartment, or trailer it doesn’t matter.  This is going to ruffle a few women feathers but as far as I’m concerned they could have the whole rest of the house  (And please dont make this about you.) .  Men need to have a place to go and shut the door.  Call it what you will, mancave, whatever.  Its a place to keep our crap, relax and enjoy and no matter what don’t say doink about it.  It has a door and if you don’t like it shut it and get out.

So often in relationships a guy needs that solitude.  I am not talking about the new puppy love marriages under 3-5 years but rather the guys who have served there time of 15 years or longer.  For some probably less.  Having been married 20+ years, its really become a buying factor in a new home as of late.

Please understand, I am not talking about a bedroom replacement but rather a place outside of the bedroom that we can just be left alone to relax and chill and do with what we will.  For me, it’s not only the place of solitude but a place that I know when I need to find something that I’ll usually have some comfort of knowing it didn’t leave my room and the place I put it.  Whether it be that shelf-pron, tools, tv remote or favorite chair.  I know when I get home, it’s there and no matter what nobody in the house better have moved it.  It greatly reduces a lot of the argument factor.  Another thing, a guy knows that when he’s in that room, he can pretty much do no wrong.  It’s a bitch free room.  You don’t like it, well you have 90% of the rest of the house to do with whatever you will.  And guys, it doesn’t matter if she paints the rest of the house interior pink and purple or pins the furniture to the ceiling, you can’t say sqwat if you have your own room.  Pure and simple I think a key to a long lasting marriage, outside of everything anyone has put into books about relationships, is if you give the guy his own room and don’t follow him in, you’ll have fewer problems if almost no problems at all.



Just feeling so “Meh” as of late. Its not hard with this weather and heat. Back into office first thing in the morning. Payday tomorrow so that is something. Face to face review with my manager. Thats always fun. Just seems pointless really. I just sit there and really want it to be over with so I can go back to work. Just seems to mundane really in doing them. I’m the burger flipper of the company and as far as anyone else is concerned beyond her I am another person just going on and making my stats. I am not knocking it mind you. Its a damned good paycheck and I make my living, I just don’t like making appearances is the point. Let me see my check deposited. I keep doing the job you’re wanting and what you pay me for and where all happy. Bills get paid and life is good. Yup… Big meh!

Just a couple of notes for today.  Random thoughts.

  • Family is doing good.  Oldest daughters grades are up end of year.  Shouldn’t be that hard for her though but still she made it.  Lets see how new year goes.
  • Condemnation on Syria by U.S. and other countries but no actions.  What a friggin joke.  Just another media bluff.
  • Not sure about Lulzsec just yet, but I think his rope is going to get shorter and shorter.  I am following along though.  Its a trade off of both good and bad for what he is doing but I think it will be interesting to see what happens when he is caught.  Another Wiki leaks if you think about it but on a more diverse scale.  I’m watching.
  • Need to finish the bathroom floor.  Walmart was no help on the part I wanted to grind down some cement spots to wrap things up.  I know Zoe is anxious.  Home Depot is next.
  • Still off of Facebook.  Damn its like quitting cigarettes.  (not that I have ever smoked.)
  • Drove into the office today.  Job performance review time.  Really hate these.  I mean I’m ok and all that but just hate going through it.  First time in a while.  Dread drive back home at 11. a.m. suckage.  It’s some measure of exercise though no matter how I look at it, so that is good.
  • Great trip over the weekend with a friend.  Parents are very cool and play WOW.  A LOT of WOW!  I could really see slowing down even more and moving out to a much smaller town like where they live.
  • Trying to save some cash for certain things I know I need but its so00 damn hard.  Meh that is life.
  • Want to upgrade my main system and also the home router.  I really miss Openwrt. Looking at TL-WR1043ND as the next house router.  Also want to look into bluetooth mouse and then a complete motherboard pull and processor/memory upgrade.  A little less heat in the room would be nice.  All in time though.
  • Even though we haven’t hit the worst part of summer its only going to get hotter.  It won’t be long though fall will be here.  I am seeing winter constellations early in the morning before sunrise now.


Wow all of this and it’s not even 10 a.m.  That Diet Coke packs a punch to my brain to get all this out.





Yes It still amazes me at the stupidity of some people…

Today shopping at my local grocery store, I am passing dairy and what do I see?  An old woman in one of those one piece flowery tutu smocks over in the egg section bent over the cartons.  What is she doing?  She has 3 crates of eggs open and she is mixing and matching into a separate crate and removing the broken eggs or whatever eggs she doesnt like.  It took all I could just to not strangle her.

First of all, who the hell in their right mind goes out in a curtain.  I mean at what point in life do you just say “Fuckit, I’m not going to bother wearing clothes.  Just sew a sheet together and cut a hole.”   This drives me nuts alone.

Second.  Do you even realize how friggin unsanitary it is to sit and do that over all the other eggs? When you open a carton of eggs and see a cracked one, do like every one else and put it aside and find another damn carton.  The grocer writes off the eggs by carton and not by the egg you moron.

Third, God bless us all if it should happen, if you eat an egg and die of E-coli and the CDC traces back the carton to the store, they wont know what carton you really got the eggs from because you decided in all of your genius to pull the eggs from 4 different other cartons you dumb F*ck!!  Thank you for deciding that you were smarter then the Center for Disease Control.  Now how many other people will get E-Coli and die because of you because you and your infinite wisdom thought to mix up the f*cking eggs?

It just scares me to go outside anymore.

I can’t even stand turning on the radio anymore.  I turn 45 this year.  The more I live, the more I just can’t rationalize what people say or do anymore.  Most of the Republican dominated talk shows now just leave me with the thought of “seriously?  This is what you’re pushing now as an agenda?”   How do people swallow this garbage?

In this case with was an interview from a national so called conservative talk show how interviewing Dr. Henry Kissenger on the subject of foreign politics like Jerusalem and China.  Lets look at the politics of Israel for a minute.  Pressure is coming from our President Obama to push Israel into going to pre mid 1960’s territory lines and let Palistine come back in and retake land.  The assumption is that they not only retake the land but also take back homes lost.  Something was clear that I think the the talk show host totally missed.  You see most people fail to understand that the Jews have been forced out of countries over and over again since the dawn of time.  In the 1950’s the Jews were the largest makeup of the population of Baghdad and several other countries before that era going back centuries.  Now the Palestinians wish them forced out of Israel and President Obama wishes to ask them to retreat their lines again?  Where were all the times when the Jews were pushed out of their homes in WWII.  I never saw anyone giving them their homes back then either?  And what did the talk show host focus on ?? “How can you quantify our President Obama’s intelligence in handling various agendas like Israel and China?”   Really?  How about we ask how we could quantify Bushes intelligence?  What a laugh.  And yet for some reason people still take these talk show hosts serious.

I am curious but why is it when a Democratic President leaves office you see them continuing in some fashion to assist our country in foreign affairs but when a Republic leaves office they want to either Venture into the private sector to make more money or they want to retreat all together?  Reagan?  Retreated into oblivion.  George Bush I, left but kept his fingers in the CIA.  Again disappeared.  Bush number 2, he’s in hiding and came out for a book signing.  You don’t see him doing much of anything either.  Carter won the nobel peace prize.  Clinton stayed in foreign affairs and is still working to help our current administration?  Yet somehow, right wing Republican radio still seem to tout the same crap over and over of how it is all our current administrations fault that our economy has tanked when it was Bush that left us in this mess.  When Clinton left office we had a balanced budget and the best economy in the last 100 years.  Bush came in and everything tanked.  And yet we still kept voting him in.  Absolutely amazing!!

You ever want to see what happened during the Bush administration before Obama look at google and do a graph of the Dow during Bush.  Watch the bell curve crash in his last year of office and you tell me.

Here we are in our last year of Obama for 2012 election run and we still keep thinking that people like Sarah Palin are going to help us?  OMG??  And people take her seriously ??  Have you ever seen her interviews when asked about current and previous administration stance.  She hasn’t a friggin clue and yet we see this as a presidential hopeful?   Are we looking at another Bush being put into office again and having our government run by corporate interests again?  Is the republican corporate  agenda now to put a moron in office and feed off the stupidity long enough to send our economy into the dark ages?

Read a couple of interesting articles from Google news.  CNN reporting about people in the U.S. not taking enough or getting enough vacation time much like the rest of the world.  Can’t help but see the irony there.  U.S. companies sending jobs overseas to places like India and China and killing jobs here.  Mounting that with the same companies pushing our government to open the flood gates on visas from those same countries.  What a friggin laugh.  I have said it before and I will say it again, teach your children to go out and make it on their own.  Start their own business without a dependency on any big company getting you for cheap slave labor.

I so admire what my wife does in running her won business.  She is her own boss and does quite well at it.  The age of working for a company for 30 years is just long gone.  People should NOT feel threatened for taking long periods of vacation they have coming to them but they do.  Companies press it all the time and its sad.  The company I work for now is enforcing 100% time recording of everything we do down to when we take so much as a “bio break” and its sad.

The old adage is really “you should be happy to have your job” has really been pushed to an extreme.  It once was the employee that thought “I’m happy to be working here.”  But this has changed.

Another news article… Credit cards.  I am sooooo happy I am not in that picture.  I got rid of mine years ago and never went back.  I want nothing to do with them.  Yet I hear every day that people are struggling with them.  Isn’t it funny.  Credit card companies give you these “incentives” of 0% financing for 12 months but yet they really dont want you to pay it off and it doesn’t help your credit if you dont carry a regular balance.  So the credit institutions wont give you a good rating if you’re not mired in paying dept to the same credit card companies they support.  Funny.  What happened to the day of learning to open up a savings.  Nobody really isnt forcing you to sign up for the card.  I have been without one now for some 15 years.  I think what will bring the country out of the quagmire it is in…  Ban credit cards in the U.S.  Watch how fast we fill banks with real money in our savings and learn to live within our means.  We have created our own default system haven’t we?

I had a chance to work the Dallas Comic con and I decided to give it a shot.  It was a new venue this year at the convention center in Irving Texas.  Since I live only 20 minutes away, it was an excellent drive and I arrived really early both days to no have to deal with the traffic or the crowd.

Saturday was my day to work and volunteer and meet some really great people.  I was assigned to John Romita Jr. all morning and there isn’t anything I could say bad about the guy.  He’s a true professional and a down to earth family man.  Excellent all around and I know he works hard at his craft.  It was nice to watch the crowd shuffle in and our line in the morning for him to sign lithographs went pretty smooth.  Short break at 12-1.  Since I parked so close the the entrance, it was a no brainer to pack a big cooler chest (25 gal) with ice and meats, cheeses, snacks, drinks etc.  Quick hop to the truck for a good lunch and back off to work the rest of the day.   It was nice to work the meet and greet at the front door for the afternoon.  Lots of excited young kids.  After 4, the guys game a reprieve and let me go before the event wrapped up.  It died down considerably.  Really had a nice time meeting some people on the floor and picking up and scoping out a few goodies but saturday is never my day to buy stuff.

Sunday is the day I get in for the deals.  Hit all off the much shorter lines for autographs.  I can’t say enough nice awesome things about Amanda Conner of Power Girl fame.  I stood in her line 3 times for different things.  First time was to get her to sign a purchased large print of Power Girl.  (That was Saturday night).  Second time first thing Sunday morning to get my comics signed.  Ugh.. then I found a Power Girl #1 for .50c.  I couldn’t believe it!  Had to go through the line again but what was really awesome is how she worked the crowd.  She takes her time with everyone.  Tons of sketches and I can’t be happier.

Leonard Nimoy was there but not on my list since I have heard him speak before.  I heard he was great as usual along with Stan Lee and John Romita jr.

Shook hands with Stan (already have his autograph).  Met Todd Farmer.  This guy is was very cool dude.  Making tons of movies and doing some great work both acting and producing and writing.  He is just the nicest guy all around and I can’t wait to see more of his work.

Met with Mitch and Betty Breitweiser of Captain America comics and his wife really impressed me.  She saw my skin on my arms and we talked about how she has an allergic reaction to Gluten which I think is partly what flairs up my psoriasis.  I saw Mitch walking with another artist about his art work and the guy really knows his stuff in doing comics.  I think he gave some heartfelt advice.  Great couple.

The exhibit hall is HUGE.  So many good deals and just so little time.  Think I’m going to be better prepared next time.  Now I have to dig me up a sketch book to get some sketches going.  !!    I really hope this venue opens and gets tons more people.  Just can’t wait for the next one.  Fan Days I think it is?!?!

When I get a chance i’ll post some pics.